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About Us

This web page is dedicated to the architects and designers, past, present and future, and was created as a learning tool for those new to natural stone. You will also note it is full of our opinions and experiences. However, we have been in this business for a long time, and can be expected to have opinions, since we have experienced both the good and the bad—and learned from it. You don't have to accept our opinions at face value, we don't expect you to, but we suggest that you explore these opinions with others—or get ready to endure the learning curve we have already come though.

NCGC is a unique company because of the way we came about and how we view our role. You will find that while we have over 125 years of experience, we are also dedicated to the development and promotion of our industry. We have created a network of the best of the best of other companies in our industry from around the world so we can better serve you and your requirements. Our Alliance Partners are not only our professional associates, they are first our friends, and they share our dedication to our industry.

This web page is made to be convenient for those that need specific information and also for those that want to browse around the world of natural stone. We suggest you give all the sections a try, and we hope you will find a number of ideas that you can incorporate into your profession or business. We share with you our many successes around the world, and look forward in great anticipation of doing another one with you.

You will note a bias toward "granite" compared to other natural stones. We make no bones about it: granite is the top of the food chain when it comes to building materials. We also provide limestone products, particularly for those customers that want to match an older building.

There is also a bias to White Mount Airy Granite®. We make no bones about this either, White Mount Airy Granite® is the premier white granite in the world—bar none. It is the brightest white, most uniform, most available, highest quality, and greatest value granite you will find. Only one can be the best of the best—for over 125 years, that is White Mount Airy Granite®.

We thoroughly enjoy being in the granite business. It is the perfect business to be in—and we would not trade it for anything. We welcome you to our home town of Mount Airy, aka Mayberry—the not-so-fictional town of Sheriff Andy Taylor and Barney.

We admire, honor and respect architects and designer for they create much of the beauty that surrounds us. We champion granite because it is the champ. We marvel at the beautiful Mount Airy™ White granite quarry, and are proud to provide it for all the world to see. Our lives are short, but the structures we create together will endure for all ages.

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