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Guarantee & Warranty


RAW BLOCKS back to top

All Raw Blocks are offered for sale on an "as inspected" basis. Customers are invited to visit our quarry sites to inspect the blocks they have selected prior to shipment. Customer inspected Raw Blocks are not subject to claims for defects visible on the external surfaces. However, NCGC does guarantee that the interior of the block is consistent with the exterior, and if upon cutting the block there appears defects in excess of the exterior, NCGC will replace the unusable material at no cost to the buyer, FOB the port of destination.
Canadian Caledonia, Virginia Mist, Georgia Grey and other colors require customer inspection prior to shipment, or if this is waived, there are no claims for exterior defects. Interior guarantee still applies.

Customer is responsible to provide photo documentation of the claimed defects when filing claim for replacement material.

If the customer elects not to inspect the blocks prior to shipment, then NCGC guarantees that the Raw Blocks meet the following specifications: White Mount Airy Granite®—no cracks and not more than 3% of the surface to include visual defects such as black or white spots or veining. Caesar White—no cracks and not more than 6% of the surface to include visual defects such as black or white spots or veining. Arizona White—no cracks and not more that 6% of the surface to include visual defects such as black or white spots.


All fabricated products are guaranteed to meet customer drawings or standard industry specifications. If the project has included a "range approval", NCGC guarantees that the supplied products will fall within the approved range. In the event of a claim, customer must contact NCGC as soon as possible for resolution. In some cases, NCGC will provide a technician to address the problem, or authorize a local representative to address the problem. NCGC may also authorize the return of the product, which will then be corrected or a replacement provided. Under no circumstances is a customer authorized to modify said products, and NCGC will not honor claims for any repair not authorized in advance.

POLISHED SLABS back to top

Customers are advised to inspect and select polished slabs prior to shipment. If the customer waives this inspection, NCGC guarantees that the slab will be free of cracks and will be uniformly polished. Since granite is a natural material, there are natural variations from slab to slab. Therefore, there are no guarantees or warranties as to appearance.


NCGC guarantees that any crushed product sold by reference to a state specification will meet said specification or be replaced. Customer is required to test all material as received at the job site, and if the material does not meet specifications, contact NCGC for authorization to return the material. Customer is responsible to insure that out-of-spec material is not used.

There are no guarantees or warranties for Landscape Products, White Chips or Gran-I-Grit.

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