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Quarries of America

Quarries of America is a unique program designed to bring the best granites that North America has to offer to the Asian market in a coordinated effort to serve the needs of our customers.

To give the QOA program maximum impact, Plan B was selected to implement the program throughout Asia. Plan B has the most extensive and powerful organization for distribution of granite blocks in that part of the world. Plan B is a strong and professional partner in the QOA program.

The QOA pallet of colors included:

White Mount Airy Granite®, Arizona White, Canadian Caledonia Dark,
Caesar White, Arizona Beige, Canadian Caledonia Medium,
Georgia Gray, Glacier Blue

These are all proven stones, with long histories. All the quarries are large and can provide adequate quantities for any size project. None of these stones have ever experienced any quality issues with bleeding, or color change. These stones are also very popular monument and memorial stocks for grave marketers, memorials, mausoleums, and civic monuments.

Now, Asian customers have a simplified way to buy North American blocks. In each country, the buyer can contact a Plan B office close to them to receive full service, technical support and delivery information. If the buyer wishes to visit the quarry and/or inspect his blocks prior to shipment, Plan B will make all the arrangements, including visits to multiple quarries.

Once buyers arrive in North America, their visit is efficient and effective. The entire marketing and buying process is coordinated and simplified. All quarries are open year round, so customers can schedule their visits according to their schedules.

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