Contract Sales


In our slab yard we have hundreds of ready to finish slabs in stock and ready for your custom finish to be applied. Keep in mind that not all finishes can be applied to all stones or stone thicknesses. Ask your sales associate for more details.

Applied finishes range from:



Mirrored Gloss, with sharp reflections
Dull sheen, without reflections
Dull sheen, no reflections, visible swirl marks
Classic Thermal

Thermal Wash

Thermal Smooth

Antique Leather
Single Head Flame(No wash or Brush)
Continuous Head Flame w/ High Pressure Wash
Same as Thermal Wash but also Brushed
Texture Polished Finish
Waterstorm - Fine
Waterstorm - Medium
Waterstorm - Coarse

Fine Textured Water-Jet Finish
Medium Textured Water-Jet Finish
Coarse Textured Water-Jet Finish

Firestorm Thermal Was Finish with an added Water-Jet
Treatment to Enhance the color.
Line Chiseled Linear, Semi-Rough Finish.
Coarse, Four Pointed Tooled Surface
Coarse, Six Pointed Tooled Surface
Coarse, Nince Pointed Tooled Surface
Split Face


Split along Along Natural Cleavage plade. Surface has projections and depressions; edges are not true.


Fine Bush-Hammered; interrupted parallel markings not over 3/32" apart; corrugated.
6-Cut Medium Bush-Hammered Finish, similar to but coarser than 8-Cut, markings not more than 1/8" apart.
4-Cut Coarse Brush-Hammered Finish with same Characteristics as 6-Cut, markings not more than 7/32" apart.
Pointed(Rough Cut)


A rough and uneven surface resulting from
splitting, pointing and/or rough cutting the granite.
Sandblasted Coarse plane surface produced by blasting with