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Crushed StoneRSS

NCGC's Crushed Stone Division is one of the oldest continual crushed stone operations in the country, and produces a wide range of sizes of our White Mount Airy Granite® that can be used in a variety of ways. Our crushed stone products are typically used as gravel for construction of roads and highways, rip rap and boulders for erosion prevention, White Mount Airy Granite® chips for decorative landscaping, exposed precast concrete in parking garages, terrazzo flooring, japanese zen gardens, and various agricultural uses. We currently offer “White” (White Mount Airy Granite®) and colored (a mixture of White Mount Airy Granite®, and various other colors we have available, pink, black, grey…)

 crushedStoneBrochureIcon  Crushed Stone Brochure



                      White Mount Airy Granite®                                                   Colored Stone

  white-sm500 colored-sm500




In addition to the typical crushed stone products our Gran-I-Grit® poultry grit products are widely used throughout the poultry industry. We produce the following sizes: Developer, Grower, Starter, and Turkey. Grin-I-Grit® has a performance record to that can’t be beat, from providing high quality grit to the poultry industry during WWII, all the way through until present day. Grin-I-Grit® has stood the test of time consistently helping poultry producer provide a better product



 gritBrochureIconGran-I-Grit® brochure






NCGC also offers a several different packaging options from bulk truck loads to 50lb bags, according to product**. We also work with several different contract trucking companies that we work with that we can recommend, so if you need 5 tons of gravel around the corner or a semi load of chips on the west coast we can put you in contact with a hauler.









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