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Ashlar Walls


Here is a product so old it is new. You owe it to yourself to be familiar with ashlar, its beauty and utility. Ashlar is a block of granite with a handsome, rough exposed surface, cut to sizes that permit patterns, shadows and textures unavailable any other way. Being made of granite insures its infinite life, vandal resistance, low maintenance and enduring quality to be enjoyed by all. In the early days of building with natural stone, it was not possible to create a smooth, let alone polished, surface in granite. Structures from bridge piers, prisons, trophy edifices, retaining walls, private homes, churches and office buildings were built with ashlar. When stones were cut, the finished surface was rough and uneven. This appearance is both handsome and functional. Architects are re-discovering the charm of ashlar, along with its mighty performance benefits in a world of danger and vandalism. NCGC manufactures ashlar blocks using modern equipment, so it is readily available and economical. It is also available in a variety of colors. We offer ashlar in four thicknesses, so you can design your own pattern or use one of our standard patterns. It can be installed by any competent block or brick contractor. Ashlar is ideal for small buildings such as utility buildings, churches, boutique stores, banks and for larger structures such as high security installations (prisons, military structures, government buildings) and for its shear beauty (private homes, parks, university buildings).

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