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Pike Electric Building, Mount Airy, NC


Building panels are an important method used to build class A multi-story buildings, such as office buildings, hotels, and similar structures. The exterior is a relatively thin skin of stone attached to the metal superstructure. Many natural stones have been tried in this application, but granite has evolved as the only material that fully satisfies the technical and economical requirements for this application. Modern architects make great use of color, and granite offers a very wide range of choices not available in limestone (or any other natural stone). Technology makes it easy and economical to cut and process granite into any desired shape, so granite gives the designer almost unlimited flexibility. Properly selected granite is not affected by the environment or pollution. Granite is vandal resistant and wear resistant. This gives the architect the ability to match or complement the building with walks, curb and plazas also made of granite. Granite is also appropriate to use inside, and most of the high traffic interiors of public buildings and airports are built of granite. NCGC works closely with architects early in the design process to provide selection, technical advice and cost proposals. Contact your nearest representative at the beginning to simplify and expedite your project.

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