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Welcome Sign


Permanent signs are made of granite. The ultimate sign is a memorial, but there are other signs that justify doing them in granite. For example, the sign that announces that you have arrived at your destination, such as the "Welcome to Mount Airy, NC" or the name of your company these are very important signs. They need to be made of granite to impart the importance you place on this location.
A granite sign will not deteriorate with exposure to sun, wind or rain or pollution. We believe the most effective signs are made from black or white granite, and NCGC markets signs made from the famous White Mount Airy Granite®, Greene County Granite™ and Virginia Mist (black). If you want an earth tone, our Canadian Caledonia is perfect. However, there is no restriction on the color, and NCGC will supply a granite sign in the color of your choice.
Further, the signs can be complimented with landscape items of matching or coordinating colors, as well as the curb and walks. The designer has the freedom and flexibility to create a visual appearance that is outstanding by addressing all the elements of and around the sign.
Industrial or residential developments need to pay particular attention to the quality of their entrance. Granite does it all, and does it right.

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