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World War II Monument


In 2001, Congress moved forward on the construction of a suitable memorial to our veterans of World War II. This project had begun seven years earlier with a world wide competition to select the design. Granite was the material selected as it is not only beautiful with great strength, it is also durable. The Commission was well aware that many of the memorials built in Europe following World War II were built of materials other than granite, and nearly all of them are gone—destroyed by natural elements and air pollution. Granite, unaffected by weather or pollution, will endure forever.

Two of NCGC's granites were selected—White Mount Airy Granite® and Greene County Granite®. The North Carolina Granite Corporation had figured prominently in the design and construction of the World War II memorial. NCGC was the first company contacted by the Commission to provide samples of various granites and technical details on the materials and design features. For over seven years, NC Granite provided the technical support at no cost as their contribution to the ultimate success of the memorial. Ground breaking took place November 2001. Progress has been steady, and completion is scheduled for Memorial Day, 2004.

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