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Granite Selection Criteria

While color is often the first selection criteria, it is far from the only one. NCGC has developed the following system for rating various granites based on 10 different criteria. These are all important, and you will note that each granite found under COLORS, will have a rating to help you identify the right stone for your project.

MATERIAL: Should not rust or bleed, fade, or change color with time and exposure. No micro cracks. Low water absorption. Consistent appearance.

SIZE OF THE DEPOSIT: Is the deposit big enough to do your project without overwhelming the quarry?

ACCESS TO QUARRY: Is it close to you, or at least not 30 hours away by plane. Do you have decent accommodations and the food and water safe?

CONDITION OF THE DEPOSIT: Can you rely on the quality and quantity of the stone coming out, or is there a high reject rate? Are there vertical cracks that can bring production to a halt for months?

QUARRY CAPABILITIES: Does the quarry have sufficient equipment and access to get the blocks to market? Is the weather going to be a problem and the quarry shut down for three months every year?

QUARRY OPERATOR: Are the people professional and the operation well planned so that you can believe the schedule they give you?

BUSINESS ETHICS OF THE OWNER OF THE QUARRY: What is the company's reputation? How do they deal with problems and what is their typical reaction to changes in your situation? Do you get a good feeling when dealing with them?

PRICING: Do they strive to keep their prices down and give you full value. Or do they try to stick you with every problem?

RELIABLE TRANSPORTATION: Are the roads or bridges reliable so the material gets where it is supposed to go? Are the shipping ports large enough to handle the size and volume, and do the shipping lines call often enough to meet your needs. Are there reliable freight forwarders who know the business and respond to the customer's needs?

LAWS OF THE COUNTRY OF ORIGIN: Is the country stable politically? Could the quarry be taken over by others less interested in your needs?
Are the country's laws such that you have remedy if necessary, or will it be impossible to make your claim

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