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Raw Blocks

Domestic & International • International Standards • Selection Procedures • Raw Block List


Domestic & International (Back to Top)


To the domestic market, NCGC offers Canadian Caledonia Medium and Dark, Virginia Mist (black), and Timberland Green. All raw blocks sales are handled directly from corporate headquarters. Call 336-786-5141 and speak with Doug Norman.

To the international market, NCGC offers Mount Airy White, Caesar White, Arizona White, Arizona Beige, Georgia Gray. We can make arrangements for most any granite via our relationships with other quarries.

See our web page of Regional Sales Offices to find the office nearest you. If you do not have a regional office in your country, please contact Doug Norman at 336-786-5141 or fax at 336-786-6984 or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. with your inquiry.

All blocks are offered in Gang Saw size. NCGC maintains an inventory of approximately 1500 cubic meters (50,000 cubic feet) of stock. Customers can order special cut to size blocks.

NCGC sells raw blocks according the international standards and convention.

International Standards (Back to Top)


Inspection of the blocks prior to shipment can be conveniently arranged. NCGC makes this process as simple and stress-free as possible for its clients and their representatives. By previewing a Block List prior to arriving at the quarry, the selection process can be further expedited. NCGC is dedicated to making buying raw blocks a satisfying experience. Come visit our quarry and experience it for yourself. We insure your comfort and will assist you with your travel arrangements and accommodations.

Neither the buyer nor NCGC can know what is inside the block. For many granites this can be a big concern. Fortunately, the granites sold by NCGC seldom have "surprises" inside, but if they do, NCGC will provide replacement material at no cost.

In the event of a claim, the customer should contact NCGC's distributor in the Europe of Asia, or NCGC directly in the US, and provide photo documentation to support the claim. If the customer has agreed to have NCGC make the initial block selection, we guarantee that block passes quality requirements as to the external and visible surfaces. If the customer or his representative have inspected the block before shipment, then there can be no claims for external and visible surfaces.

Blocks are often not exactly rectangular. Fortunately, NCGC's blocks are among the best because we use a controlled quarrying method that helps insure this. Regardless, we measure the size of the block so that the customer is only invoiced for usable material. In addition, we also make a 5 centimeters allowance in all three dimensions to compensate for unevenness and to further insure the customer receives full value.

As a convention, block dimensions are referred to as net dimensions after deducting the 5 centimeter allowance.

Selection Procedures (Back to Top)

NCGC sells Raw Blocks of several different granites in various colors. The inspection procedures are generally the same for all.
Some customers desire to select individual blocks from our Current Block List, and then to physically inspect these blocks prior to shipment. When notified, NCGC will hold any block selected by a customer from the Current Block List for a reasonable amount of time to allow for the customer to make travel arrangements to make his on-site inspection. NCGC will be pleased to assist in making travel arrangements or accommodations for those inspectors not familiar with Mount Airy, North Carolina.Mount Airy White and Caesar White Raw Blocks are inventoried at our quarry in Mount Airy, North Carolina, while Arizona White/Greene County quarries are inventoried at our quarry in Georgia, halfway between Atlanta and Augusta, Georgia along Interstate 20.NCGC should be contacted in advance of your arrival, so specific personnel can be available to serve you. If you are coming from Asia, please contact Quarries of America for scheduling and travel assistance. During your visit, NCGC personnel will assist you in your inspection activities, and be available to assist you in any other ways to make your visit personally as well as professionally satisfactory. Please let us know of any other assistance you may require. Particularly if this is your first visit, we will also assist with any related activities you would like.

Once you have completed your inspection, arrangements can be quickly made to ship the material to your location. After you have departed, you will be kept fully informed as to the status of your material and its expected arrival date.

With experience, you may come to permit NCGC to inspect Raw Blocks for you without your personal inspection. We take this responsibility seriously, and will accept this responsibility for Mount Airy White and Arizona White. However, for the other colors that we sell, we require customer inspection or waiver of any claims for visual external defects.

Raw Block List (Back to Top)

Customers buying raw blocks can place their order and NCGC will select and ship a block that meets your specifications. Since the product is a natural material there are differences between blocks, and while this is minor for NCGC's products, a customer should be aware of these variants.

Some customers, particularly those unfamiliar with NCGC's selection process, may prefer to inspect the blocks in advance of purchasing them. To accommodate those who wish to do this, NCGC or our local distributor will provide a list of blocks currently available in inventory, and the customer can make his preliminary selection.NCGC will then freeze those blocks specifically for that customer, and allow a reasonable amount of time for the customer to visit our block stock yard and personally inspect the blocks he has selected.

Usually, after one or two personal visits to our block yard, customers become comfortable with NCGC's selection process and the consistency of our products. This allows them the option of not having to visit the site for every order.

Raw block inventory is maintained in Europe (Carrara, Italy) and in Mount Airy. NCGC strives to make the block buying process as simple as possible.

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