Turn-Key Projects

Many architectural firms have highly qualified stone experts and engineers to specify and design the individual stone components. Some firms do not. For this second group, NCGC offer a complete turn-key program that eliminates your concern.

The turn-key program is available to you for any project—be it curb, plaza, retaining wall or building. NCGC will assume the responsibility to take your design and prepare the stone component detail to make your intentions reality. Then NCGC will fabricate the stone components and install them at your site.

The installation will be done by a local installer, under contract to NCGC, with which we have experience and confidence. This gives you one stop shopping, and eliminates the hassle of dealing with several contractors.

This program is particularly useful for smaller jobs but there is no limitation of size of scope of the work. It is a simplified approach if you are building a post office, bank, library or town hall, for example.

We don't want you to pass up the benefits of building with granite just because you have not done it before. There is no reason to not enjoy the results of natural stone, nor to restrict your design freedom, nor miss out on the pride in the eyes of your client.

Once you use natural stone, you will come back to it over and over. NCGC's turn-key program makes it just that much easier.