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012 - Carolina Pink Granite

 English  Metric ASTM Test Method
 Absorption by Weight (%) 0.17 0.17 C97
 Density, lbs/ft3 , (kg/m3) 163 C97
 Compressive strength, psi, (MPa) 34,300 C170
 Flexural strength, psi, (MPa) C880
 Modules of rupture, Min psi 5,574 C99

The images on this page are only a representation of color and finish. Please make final choice based on a stone sample.
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Product Name
Carolina Pink Granite
Color Range
Quarry Location
Salisbury, North Carolina
Rich Pink fine grain granite
Recommended Usage
Interior or Exterior
Average Block Size
10'0" L x 5'0" W x 4'0" H
Average Fabricated Slab Size
10'0" L x 5'0" W
Available in thin tile
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