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094 - Jet Mist® Granite

Product Name
Jet Mist® Granite
Color Range
Quarry Location
Rapidan, Virginia
White to grayish medium grain
Recommended Usage
Interior or Exterior
Average Block Size
10'0L x 5'0"W x 4'0"H
Average Fabricated Slab Size
10'0"L x 5'0"W
Available in thin tile
Custom Order
094 - Jet Mist® Granite
 English  Metric ASTM Test Method
 Absorption by Weight (%) 0.10 0.10 C97
 Density, lbs/ft3 , (kg/m3) 191.3 3,064.33 C97
 Compressive strength, psi, (MPa) 33,400.00 230.35 C170
 Flexural strength, psi, (MPa) 3,853.00 26.56 C880
 Modules of rupture, Min psi 58.53 C241
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