Mount Airy is Mayberry—and Mayberry is Mount Airy. Everywhere you go in Mount Airy you are reminded of Andy Griffith and the cast of Mayberry, RFD, the TV show that ran from October 3, 1960, to April 1, 1968. Andy was born and raised here.

The popularity of the show had a lot to do with the good, clean, all American, solid citizens and quality of life of Mount Airy (excuse me), Mayberry. That is just the way it is. Mayberry comes to life every morning in Mount Airy, and we are sure glad it does.

You can experience this personally. Mount Airy is a year-round tourist destination that enjoys visitors, and loves talking about the show. We have maintained the old Sheriff's office (which you can visit), and even have the 1959 Ford police car that Barney used to run around town.

There is Floyd's barber shop, where "Floyd" still cuts hair every day. And he will take the picture of every visitor that stops by his shop and put it on his wall of fame. Next door is the Snappy Lunch. Andy and Barney frequented this restaurant to get their famous Pork Chop Sandwich. Don't miss getting one for yourself.

Every year during the summer is a weekend of fun we call Mayberry Days. As you might guess, there are hundreds of Andy Griffith fan clubs around the county with thousands of members. Mount Airy welcomes them all back for the annual reunion, to meet old friend and re-live the magic of Mayberry. Several of the original TV cast also come to add a direct tie to the show. Andy, himself, came to Mount Airy in the fall of 2002 to participate in the dedication of our main highway as the "Andy Griffith Parkway". He was delighted that his old home town still retained the principals and traditions of Mayberry.